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Lokev - Slovenija
New CD "Crossing Cultures".
by Massimiliano Donninelli and Tomaž Nedoh.
Featuring by D'Addario/Woodwinds, Buffet Crampon/Paris, Julius Keilwerth/Saxophone.
Presentation by, Marco Maria Tosolini.

vertigini-cd-miniMassimiliano Donninelli, Saxophones & Giovanni Maier Doublebass
Production, Palomar Records - 2011
Music by Massimiliano Donninelli and  Giovanni Maier

sequentiaNew Music for Saxophones. Label, Rusty Records Miland.
Massimiliano Donninelli, Saxophones.
Music by L.Berio, P.Merkù, S.Procaccioli, G.Coral, G.Mancuso, L.Mosca, F.Nieder, M.Donninelli.
Introduction by Veniero Rizzardi.
Dedicated to Luciano Berio.

couleursNew Music for Saxophones and Ancient Italian Pipe Organ
Recorded and published by Associazione L.M.M.C. with the support of Biblioteca Diocesana P.M.Petrucci, Jesi (Italy).
Massimiliano Donninelli, Saxophones. Mariella Martelli, Ancient Italian Pipe Organ
Music by A. Samorì, C.Paniccià, R.Silvestrini, M.Donninelli, M.Ferrante, T.Tesei,
G.Aquilanti, M.Martelli.

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